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They had a choice: Make the “rock” record that they were supposed to make or take a step back and figure out who the hell they actually were as artists and as people.

With 13 million streams, tens of thousands of fans and a career on the rise, Lansdowne chose to go back to the drawing board.

“As a family, our tastes in music were evolving as were each of our lives. We knew delivering a record that didn’t feel authentic would be unfair to the fans that have given so much of themselves to us,” recalls lead singer, Jon Ricci.

If you have ever seen this band of brothers live, you know that the foursome has made a career out of bringing an action packed live show that transforms their albums into a true experience. From countless national tours to the battlegrounds of war in the Middle East, Lansdowne has made the road its home.

Newborn babies, engagements, life had never been better or changing more quickly for the band. Still, there was an urge to gravitate towards a darker sound and more serious topics.

“There was a lot of material hiding in the uncomfortable conversations that we have all had with ourselves and our closest friends – depression, self-doubt, insecurities – and the more we toured the more we understood that these are challenges that everyone deals with, no matter how good things are,” continued Ricci. “These new songs bring the skeletons in each of our closets to life.”

Fast-forward to Identity, the forthcoming Lansdowne album that Ricci says is, “the exhale after holding it in for much too long.”

With renewed purpose and a sense of self, Lansdowne surges back to the stage with an intense new sound, filled with a darkness that will undoubtedly shine under the lights.